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reenforcements to help officers. chp officers will be assigned to work with local police in high crime neighborhoods. police chiefs say they can use the help. patrol is seeking federal funds to help pay for the redeployment. >> two san jose women are are under arrest accused of a monterey shooting. police say a 31-year-old and 30-year-old opened fire on a woman sitting with her husband in a parked car the husband gave a description. two women spotted just blocks away. police say the suspect and victim knew each other but are working on a motive, still. wounds described as nonlife threatening. >> san francisco, police have a person in custody. they're searching for two others following a shooting in a plain-clothed police officer this morning. the officer ended up chasing the vehicle to 23 and bryant streets. >> this is individual yof a mass evacuation that took place this morning around san francisco civic center. >> it wasn't caused by a real emergency. this is a drill involving federal workers from many buildings including city hall, superior court, federal building and ucsf hastings
to meet. have a lot of stories to tell. >> local dig tearies climbed on board today to meet with military leaders. they're focused on how they'll work with the military if there is a disaster here and we need help. >> experts in logistics and we need that should there be a big disaster that happens here that closes our roads. >> that focus has been a shift in fleet week festivities two. years ago, local leaders decided to try to make it more than just an air show. and officials say each year, the relationship has strengthened. >> truth be told we're not just learning about the military we're learning a lot about how things might play out in ways we never would have had the opportunity to before. >> on board the ship has six operating rooms and 17 icu beds and an elevator from flight deck. if the last advise jit an indication, expect long lines to get in. >> this is worth a wait to see what your navy does for you. and there are living conditions that are exceptional. a lot of people don't get that from standing on the street and looking at the ship. >> and tourists -- tours start here at 9
to a local hospital now for evaluation.ñr çoy now in the bay for two sea lion that's need help. >> abc 7 news is live where this is happening. >> this is the res you just included momentszv ago, there is small drama here in san francisco. everyl/y knows sea lion buzz there are are two of themso! entangled in packing material and a team ofç a half dozenym most of theç day trying to rescue them thatt( began around 11:00 this morning and÷ú usually wÑúym see.47t7q÷ú animalsÑ"gñÑig on the dock here. the fact tourist attraction is more than that. one sea lions swam out to seaç and has not returned but the team was more successful with the second and that made it easier, they'll get the plastic off of it. and there is more on that plastic. >> these guys are curious. they know it and get it on like a caller and this stays on. they wear it and grow into it. the lesson is... the part of the reason why they went through this trouble is that we did this. this trash came from people z in the ocean here, there is no doubt we had something to do with that. >> the center tells us the sea
when lawmakers won't don't act, loosening rules on how local governments can spend state money. >> prop 31 recognizes state government is broken and this is a modest first step towards restoring confidence that state government knows how to spend taxpayer money. >> the trouble opponents have that say they it will be hard to find money for injuries. lawmakers who work on the budget say they're worried about the cop politics and what that might mean"nñxd when disaster triks if another layer is added if cal fire needed $50 million, the state has to find $50 million in cuts or new taxes to offset the expension, lawmakers tend to have long debates over money. >> imagine this happens and you have to call back legislature toñ have a discussion when there is an emergency. >> the impatch iswq unpredictable. many pro visions are untested. if approved changes are considered constitutional amendments and will be difficult to alter later. >> 7 on your side is here now answering questions that you sent to him. this first one from elva who asks we have a solicitation fr exterior water line service p
a stop in cincinnati to kick off early voting. >> there is is a worker at the local board of election that's notice aid problem, signatures didn't match up and some had information simply made up. >> and last week, the election workers in florida noticing similar problem was voter registration forms, many submitted by a firm hired by republicans and the florida g.o.p. fire that had agency and now, north carolina g.o.p. is following suit. >> there is american airlines says it's found the cause of tests in major jets. >> retailers hoping for a green christmas. holiday shopping outlook, ahead. >> taking a look at traffic now in san francisco. this is really jammed up for drivers and for people heading out of san francisco south looking smooth now >>> taking a look outside right now there is a view of oakland atop mount sutro. highs soared to 93 degrees and spencer christian is coming up with the accu-weather forecast. >> american airlines says improperly installed clamps caused seats to come loose on planes and it's now expanding inspection of jets. there is concern it could be connected
and supporters saying it will only help food from local economy. and can you live on minimum wage? >> no. i've got a son. i try to support him. $8 ain't cutting it justin stands on street corners three hours per day to drum up business for a pizza rea. he makes $168 a week. if this passes it will take a 25% jump to $10 an hour, helping pay for rent and food opponents warn employers may cut hours or eliminate jobs. this economist was hired to analyze the pro pose wral by the san jose, silicon valley chamber of commerce saying small businesses will be impacted most. >> there are folk that's will have to scale back operations and it's noted that means fewer jobs for the workers. >> supporters have been poring over studies claiming there are benefits for small and medium businesses when paying higher than minimum wage. >> there is a reduced turnover, they look for another job, meaning companies have to continue to recruit ask train. >> measure d lined up agencies on one side against business owners and mayor on another. and this city says auditing businesses will cost $600,000 a year. and there
are likely to occur over two days. we'll see areas of showers, some locally heavy. next wave will sweep through the area. we do expect pockis of showers at the time. breaks in the clouds will look calm compared to what we've seen today, rainfall totals most of the bay area not more than about a quarter inch. up in the north bay heavier and meanwhile, winter storm warning in affect for parts of the central sierra until 5:00 tomorrow morning. we're seeing chances of four to five inches of snow heavier snow in higher elevations. low temperatures into low 50s. will be breezy near the coast. tomorrow, good, again breaks of sun. scattered showers throughout the day. high temperatures in a narrow range. here is the accu-weather forecast. so chance of showers next couple days but not continuing or wide spread showers. we dry out and stwarmting up over the weekend. we can get unsettled weather again by weekend. >> coming up next big court case surrounding britney spears. the trial looking back to her darkest days. >> later in our newscast texting may get new trouble in most churches but not this
forecast. chance of showers this evening. there could be some locally heavy down pours. temperatures raininging from mid-50s to low 60s early tomorrow morning, showers continue. showers likely early morning readings 44-52. tomorrow afternoon, areas of sun. clouds, and a chance of showers into afternoon hours tomorrow, high temperatures ranging from about 58 at the coast to 64 inland. how will this affect day one of the world series? take a look at that in the accu-weather forecast. a little later. >> thank you. >> in vallejo, police hope that a $10,000 cash reward will help bring in more clues to help them solve a horrific case they're calling a quadruple murder. >> the 28-year-old was pregnant with twins when she was shot to death along with her fiancee. it happened at their home, police say two men were seen running away and jones and mills were the intended target. >> this is the worst pain imaginable. no parent, no mother, no father should ever have to experience what we're experiencing here today. >> police have set up this anonymous tip line, 1-800-488-9383. >> take a look at t
'll have latest on sandy and a look at local halloween forecast coming up. >> and there is still time tonight to get in on the el steal a base free taco give away. you might get one made by angel pagon.é@ >> super stormç sandy left storms stacked like sardines. so much water it shut down the subway system. >> take a look. sandy came ashore with such force that a 700 ton tanker washed up on a staten island street. >> sandy is on the move tonight inching inland into pennsylvania. the storm weakened by it's expected to bring more heavy rain and flooding. it's projected to head back into new york this is a super storm blamed for 48 deaths at this point. it made land fall in new jersey. >> we feel for all of the
ankle -- injured her ankle. >> and muni's central subway project just received a chunk of cash. local, state and federal officials on hand today announcing $942 million in grant money for the new subway. project leaders say it secures full funding for construction. >> it has an impact on every person coming to san francisco, especially those who live in san francisco. and makes a great difference in the lives of our friends in chinatown. >> the project continues to draw controversy. last year a grand jury found the design was inefficient and costly. yesterday, opponents filed suit to halt construction saying parts of the plan violate the city charter. >> we believe the construction of a station in union square on to parkland is a violation of the city charters. >> the subway will extend the underground service 1.6 miles and connect south of market with chinatown and scheduled to open in 2019. >> just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 hormone found in obese people that could lead to a drug to make them thinner. >> looking at western sky, cloudy. dreary and in spots, wet, i'll show you where
, today, federal, state and local officials came out to mark gibbings of phase two. house minority leader nancy pelosi said it's the perfect step to follow transformation of the presidio from military post to urban national park. >> it's just like you get a new sofa and decide we need a rug and paint and all that. once we did this we're like doyle drive, we've been trying forever, long before the presidio to do something about doyle drive. it was not a safe place. >> this is as good as grand slam yesterday, i think. you know how long this has been in the cooker so to speak it will be a bit longer. construction expected to go through 2015 with landscaping in to 2016. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> there is bart ridership has taken off, seeing six of the 10 busiest ridership days. yesterday saw the fifth most with nearly 432,000 people riding bart. of course many of them going over to the a's game and playoff run. fleet week are huge factors in the surge. the only busier day is for giants world series parade and bay bridge closure in 2009. >> talking about bridges and traffic, a head
but not along the coastline yet. it will push up during evening hours and press locally but not too far. right now, sunny skies and mild. let's take a look at forecast features, fog returns tonight. warm to hot wednesday and thursday. we're going to see inland high as above 90 degrees by mid week, satellite shows high pressure is the dominant feature in our weather. this ridge is expanding. look at the set up taking place over the next day or so. we'll start at 7:00 this evening. we'll see high pressure still holding on but a new center of high pressure will be building in overnight, tuesday into wednesday morning. by wednesday morning we'll have a warm dry shot of winds. will increase fire risk. there are no advisories for fire danger that has been put out there yet. however, with warming and dry winds there is a possibility of risk of fire. and and it's going to be mild overnight tonight. low temperatures ranging from upper 50s to low 60s much of the bay area, then, tomorrow, sunny skies into the south bay. highs into upper 70s to low 80s. 82 in campbell. peninsula, mid to upper 70s. 78 palo
-watched cable news outlet. they're paid about $21 million in the last fiscal year. air b and b local start up in discussion with kez sez the deal was valued the start up about $2.5 billion. this helps people rent out homes and apartments. stocks took a dive 25 years after the crash sending the bench mark indexes to their biggest declines since june. ge fell after cutting it's target for sales. mcdonalds giving indijegs at least investors. sales profits falling. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed lower, shares of apple, google and cisco falling. remember kim.com odd founder of the now defunk site megaupload? he's back in business. the new site is called mega. said to use new encryption systems letting users up load and store files. it's been charged of racketeering and copy right infringement. he's avoided extradition so far. i'm cory johnson with bloomberg west. back to you. >> cory, thank you v a good weekend. >> we can see what a difference a day makes just looking outside. >> yes. there are pockets of drizzle near the coast and around the bay today. but mainly clear skies inland lo
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